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to our website and online fishing tackle shop which has been designed to make your online shopping experience as simple, safe and pleasurable as possible.

In 2002 we here at Leslies of Luton celebrated 30 years of bringing you the best quality and value in discount fishing tackle through our shop, mail order and online shops. We opened the doors to our shop in 1972 and have seen many changes in the needs of anglers and in the popularity of different fishing styles. In this time we have seen and been part of, the rise of carp and specialist fishing to the point where many of you fish exclusively for carp, barbel and other specimen fish now.

Perfect fishing conditions!As your needs have changed we have made sure that we have had the right angling experts in the shop to help you with your fishing tackle choices and to ensure that we have the right fishing tackle for the job in the shop. This has meant that we now carry perhaps the largest stock of carp fishing tackle in the world, as well as a large range of barbel, pike and predator tackle.
We hope to continue to grow with you and the sport of fishing and would like to thank all of our customers for your support over the last 30 years and look forward to offering you the best service possible for the years to come. Here at Leslies of Luton we pride ourselves in being fishing tackle specialists, we have quality tackle for all your angling needs and with the discount we offer on many items we believe we offer you the best value.
Leslies Fishing Tackle Catalogue
Specializing in carp, barbel, pike, coarse, match and game tackle, we have one of the largest carp fishing tackle stocks in the world and were also the first specialist tackle shop to have a dedicated barbel fishing tackle department. Our carp fishing tackle department is on two floors, the ground floor covers general carp fishing tackle, such as rods, reels, boilies, rigs, hooks and fishing line, while on the first floor you can find our carp luggage and bivvies.Sharing the ground floor with our carp department you will find our pike, predator, match and coarse departments.

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John Baker, Angling Technics Bait Boats including the superb Microcat, Drennan, ESP, the hard to find Steve Neville Alarms, and our very own Insight GR60.

From a Boilie Stop to a Bait Boat, we export the best tackle all over the world!
If you fish you should come to Leslies!

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How To Introduce Fish Into Your Aquaponic System


If you are a newbie in the aquaponic industry, you might be tempted to throw fishes into the system right away. However, you have to know that the basic rule on how to aquaponic is to get your fish off to the best start. Here’s a definitive guide on how to add fish for aquaponics to the system.

Check If Your Aquaponics System Is Ready

Make it a point that your system is cycling before adding a batch of fish. It is important to keep these measurements when cycling the system: ammonia should be less than 2ppm, nitrites must be less than 1ppm, and nitrates should be around 160ppm. If your measurements are outside the range, it is best to recalibrate the nutrients before adding fish into the system.

Typically, cycles can last for around four to eight weeks, depending on the climate. However, you can speed up the method by adding a sample from a healthy aquaponic system to your system.

Acclimate Prior To Adding Fish To Your System

Fishes are sensitive to water pH levels. Therefore, you need to have an idea of the pH level they came from and the level of your system. Acclimating is also one of the most important things on how to aquaponic. The best way to do this is by letting the bag of fish float in the tank. This way, the fishes will get used to the temperature and pH level of the water.

Dropping an airstone into the bag will aid in keeping the water oxygenated. Every ten to fifteen minutes, slowly add water from the tank to the bag to help them adjust to the pH level. As soon as the temperature and pH of the tank and the bag matches, it is already safe to release the fishes into the system.

Experts suggest using a fish net to release the fish from the bag and avoid letting the water from the bag be combined with the water in the system.

Be Prepared To Quarantine

If you are suspecting that your fishes might have a disease, it is best to quarantine them before releasing them into the system. With the help of salt, you can already produce a quarantine for your fishes and in a week or two, the diseases should start to clear up. Keep in mind to acclimate the fishes into the quarantine and then acclimate again when releasing them into the system.

Final Thoughts

As soon as you have added the fishes into the system, wait for a day before feeding them. Fishes are stressed out on the process of transport and acclimation, and it will be less likely that they would eat. Observe them regularly for the next couple of weeks to check water and nutrient levels and measurements.

Finally, if you are adding hundreds or dozens of fingerlings, it is a common phenomenon that a few of them might not survive the move. Therefore, you have to be warier of the ammonia and nitrite levels of the water.

Fishing Industry: Addiction Among Fishermen


Due to the fact that fishermen are usually away from their families and homes for almost a week, their job is considered an isolated and high-risk kind of job. Their job is described as physically-grueling that usually results in injuries.

Once you read this review, you will know that consumption of alcohol often becomes a usual activity inside a fishing vessel as well as on shore. It is usually used whenever fishermen celebrate for a good haul or even just as a pastime while exchanging their ‘fish stories’. Also, due to the physical pain caused by an exhausting job, prescription of pain medications is very common inside a fishing boat. Sometimes, in order to alleviate the physical pain, with many idle hours and a good payout, most fishermen tend to purchase recreational drugs.

Drug Overdose in Fishing Industry

The misuse of drugs and overdose are very common in the fishing industry. There is a record in Los Angeles Time that drug overdoses are more common in Gloucester, Massachusetts than in any other fishing town of the same size. Boston Globe also publishes an article stating that there are already 6 fishermen from Gloucester who died due to a drug overdose in just three years of usage and heroin was found in 6 out of 11 boats when a random drug testing took place in New Bedford.

Issues about drug overdoses and misuse of opioid have made their way from inland into most fishing vessels. There is already a warning about the struggle with opioid addiction which is published by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). An estimated count of 91 people is dying every day due to opioid overuse in the United States. Overdose and misuse of opioid are considered a public health concern that reaches almost all industries and communities in the US. However, there are already countless resources and efforts that struggle against addiction, specifically within the fishing industry.

Fishermen and Their Addiction to Drug Use

Some fishermen are using both alcohol and drugs as a way to pass the time, escape from reality, numb the physical pain they're feeling and also to celebrate. Their addiction to drugs may be due to the drug tolerance they acquired from popping painkillers as a remedy for physical ailments. Whenever a person becomes drug tolerant, he needs to raise the dosage of the drug he is using because the usual dosage will no longer work. This will then make the person want to take the drug more often than usual which will eventually lead to misuse. Because of this case, passing drug tests becomes hard for fishermen who want to change their line of work.

Drug overdose, while on the open waters, is considered a major health concern because there is no access to hospitals while at sea. Due to this, a number of fishing vessels in New England are now stocking Narcan, an opioid overdose reversal drug, which will serve as their life-saving tool.

Due to cases revolving around drug overdose, it is better to have health insurance for the treatment of fishermen. However, this became a barrier as well because many fishermen opt to not have health insurance. In order to overcome this barrier, there are several organizations that help people in the fishing industry to get insurance as well as enter into a treatment program. Treatment programs for addiction are also expanding and becoming more flexible in order to reach a wider range of people, including those who are at sea for a longer length of time.

How To Dress And Stay Warm During Winter Fishing


For hardcore fishing enthusiasts, the lowering of temperature brought about by winter is not a hindrance to stop them from doing what they love to do most – fishing. Many even swear by the winter fishing, claiming to yield a great catch despite the cold. The fish can handle the cold, but can you?

Your dress style matters this season. Spending on dress is another story and ReviewingThis's review said it's worth it spending on your own. You can even be your own personal stylist with specially planned clothing to help you withstand some of the elements of the cold. If you can nail it, your fishing expeditions need not come to a full stop come winter time!


It may seem like a no-brainer, but layering will help you keep the essential body parts warmer. One tip in staying warm is using your own body heat. The human body is very resilient and can adapt to reasonable weather conditions over time.

Layering may be a simple concept, but the right layering appropriate for your winter activity will ensure you have a great fishing expedition. Now, how to go about maximizing your body heat through layering? Here are some dress tips to follow, broken down in the layers you need so that you can stay warm during your winter fishing trips.

Prioritize The Base

The first layer you put on is the one that touches your skin entirely or, at least, mostly. Your base or core clothing needs to be the insulator of your natural heat. More heat kept in means more warmth for your body. For this, you need to select clothing that stays close to the skin or can be tucked in to keep you from losing most of your body heat to the winter air. One drawback of the core layer is if it’s too thick, you might end up being hotter than you want, making you feel like you’ve brought a furnace with you. It’s a good thing popular brands have come up with insulated clothes that are sheer enough for comfort without sacrificing function. Insulated wear starts from top to bottom, so you need to wear torso and legging-type pants for your legs.

Pay Attention To The Middle Bundle

The next layer of clothing you need serves as the middle layer. Like the base layer, it helps keep the warmth in. This layer is usually of a thicker material and can be taken off if you need to at some point of your fishing trip. Some ideas for the mid layer are long sleeved knit sweaters. For bottom wear, jeans that are made from thicker denim are good.

Don’t Forget The Last Layer

Your last layer is referred to as the shell of your layering. This layer is one you can definitely take on or off to your liking. If the weather is too cold, you will definitely benefit from this layer. If, during mid-trip, while winter fishing, the sun comes out or the wind doesn’t blow as fiercely, then you can take it off and enjoy the sun.

Gear Up With Essentials

Of course, footwear required are practical and sturdy winter boots, and the same layering elements apply – insulated socks and an extra, thicker pair. The boots serve as the shell for your feet. Don’t overlook some tender, loving care for the hands, neck, head, and parts of the face either. Gloves, scarf, earmuffs and winter hats will ensure that these parts also stay warm.

Consider The Safety

While all this layering will keep your warm, one thing you should not forget is your lifejacket. Safety is a personal rule that even experienced fishermen adhere to. A lot who go fishing often do it alone. A life jacket will help keep you safe at water activities in any weather.

While it may be true that most people are bundled up indoors, you can be just as much as in love with the winter outdoors as a crackling fire. For one, you didn’t have to give up fishing – and the fire can still be enjoyed afterward. It all comes down to being a personal stylist for the dress style you need to stay warm during winter fishing.

Arowana Fishes In Singapore Get Cosmetic Surgery


Believe it or not, Singaporeans are spending hundreds to put their fish for cosmetic surgery. It has been revealed that digital marketing for cosmetic surgeons for the Arowana fish has increasingly become popular in Singapore. However, cosmetic surgery is not done on any other fish but is reserved for the Arowana fish. The Arowana fish is a rare breed of fish that is seen as a sign of wealth and a luxurious accessory across Asia.

Why Is The Arowana Fish Popular?

Arowana fish or the Golden Dragon Fish is not your average fish. It is considered one of the most expensive fish species in the world, and its pricing is around hundreds to thousands of Ringgit. Its high pricing is not only because of its subjective nature but also because of its appearance.

According to Qian Hu Fish executive chairman, in China, having fish is believed to bring good luck and wealth, and the Asian Arowana fish is the most favored for bringing good luck. It remains a famous luxury accessory in Asia, and wealthy Chinese businessmen admire it for its aggressive personality, large glimmering scales, and sage-like whiskers.

Kenny Lim, a hobbyist who has built his own marine animals habitat containing 13 Arowana fishes and more than 100 stingrays, also admits that owning Arowana fish shows that you have a high status.

People also go crazy over the Arowana fish species because of its great sense of loyalty to its owner. These rare species are always willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the owner and jump out of the water to warn their owners about potential dangers and bad business investments.

Cosmetic Procedures For The Arowana Fish

According to a well-known cosmetic surgeon for the Arowana fish in the country, Eugene Ng, fish owners have the freedom to choose between different procedures for their pet Arowana, fish including eye lift ($90) and chin job ($60).

While some people find it cruel to put the fish under the knife, Ng insists that it is more useful for the fish as it will look much better and the owner will love the fish even more.

The eyelift procedure, which is the most popular at Ng’s clinic, involves loosening the tight tissues behind the Arowana fish’s eyes and pushing the eyeballs up into their sockets. This corrects the droopy eye of the fish.

Research has shown that collectors usually look for the perfect fish. Some of the common characteristics for the perfect fish include bright eyes, shimmering red scales, straight feelers, and round and large fins and tails. In order to achieve these beauty standards and make these rare species of fish flawless, breeders make use of DNA technology.

Alex Chang, head of research and development at Qian Hu Fish, says that the cosmetic surgery is more like preparing the fish for a beauty contest. He says that the fish must have personality, look strong, be firm, fierce, and stern and swim confidently.

The Arowana fish is no doubt one of the most luxurious pets for the Chinese. Not only is it a symbol of wealth and status, but is also believed to bring good luck to the owners.

How to Become a Professional Fisherman


Many people are now interested in the field of fishing, but very few are actually becoming a professional fisherman since in order to become one, they must possess dedication and deep knowledge about fishing.  According to Top5BackGroundChecks, One can hone their fishing skills by discovering local fisheries, joining fishing clubs, and choosing what area they would want to be—be it as a tournament fisherman or an offshore commercial fisherman. Below you would see some basic steps to become a professional fisherman.

Know how to fish – knowing how to fish properly is the technique to become a professional fisherman. Ask for help from friends and family members who fish regularly, so that they could teach you the basics of fishing like looking for a proper fishing spot, choosing and using the right gears for fishing, and especially catching a fish. Another tip: a mentor could also be a great way to learn fishing especially competitive fishing. Choose mentors that are verified by a background check so that you could avoid fake fishing mentors who just happen to be hoax.

Explore local fisheries – if you’re just starting out in this field, remember that it is significant to start small. Start looking for local ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes. Ask friends and family members when is the best time to go fishing and where they fish.

Join a local fishing club – one way to learn from other fisherman is to start mingling through fishing clubs. There are many local fishing clubs in communities that could support fishing events and give people a chance to fish with other fishermen.

Compete in fishing tournaments – one way to build professional experience is to join tournaments. It is okay not to enter big tournaments immediately since any tournament of any size will give the knowledge you need to develop in the career path you have chosen. But remember to consider to join local tournaments first before joining the big leagues. Also, when you create a winning record, sponsorships will be open for you.

Seek out sponsorship – look for large companies since professional fishermen are often sponsored by them. This permits them to commit their time in fishing. After winning a tournament, seek out companies whose products you can use while fishing. Your skill in persuading should help you to inspire the company to sponsor for you.

Keep your day job – being a professional fisherman is quite expensive, so you will need a stable source of salary to pay for the supplies, fees, and travel expenses. Remember that you shouldn’t give up your present job to become a professional except you have obtained a sponsorship or financial security

Being a professional fisherman takes diligence and stretched hours of practice. Acquire experience as much as you can before you make a big step. Make sure you have the all information needed for fishing as an amateur and a professional. Also, remember that you should be financially stable before you take the next step.

Drug Policy On The Fishing Industry In Alaska


Alaska’s fishing industry strictly imposes a zero tolerance policy on the fishing industry. The state imposes this policy to all those who work in marine vessels and seafood processing companies. The policy imposes non-tolerance on the use of alcohol, narcotics, and any other illegal drugs to be used prior, during, and even after work hours for anyone who works in the aforementioned industries. You can get More info on synthetic urine and drug test below.

Before anyone is employed in Alaska’s fishing and seafood processing companies, they undergo a comprehensive drug test. If an applicant is found positive in this test, he or she is immediately removed from the application pool. However, they are advised to reapply once the drug residues are eliminated from their body. Random drug testing is also implemented for major and minor employees. Those who are found positive are immediately terminated. Alaskan fish and seafood processing companies like Trident Seafoods, Icicle Seafoods, and Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc. follow a strict drug testing requirement and zero tolerance policy on illegal drug use. Zero Tolerance Policy on illegal drug usage is also implemented on fishing vessels in Alaska. Anyone caught engaging in illegal drug use and abuse will automatically be sent ashore and dismissed from work. The use and possession of prohibited drugs in Alaska is a crime punishable by law of up to 99 years of jail time or as mandated by court decision and regulated by federal laws on illegal drug use and abuse.

Alcohol is also prohibited in Alaskan fishing vessels. Anyone caught drinking prior to or during the time of the vessel’s voyage will immediately be sent ashore. In seafood processing industries, employees are still given the opportunity to “chill” after work, but they are never permitted to go to work under the influence of alcohol, regardless of the sober level. Anyone found out to be under its influence will be reprimanded and sanctioned for suspension up to termination. Some fishing and seafood processing companies in Alaska even terminate employees immediately once caught checking in for work under the influence of alcohol.

Pre-employment and random drug testing is enforced in these industries. However, the testing methods are, insofar, easily hacked by most employees and are able to escape termination. Fake pee for drug tests is the most common drug testing hack. Synthetic urine bought at black markets is also used by employees trying to cheat their way through the test.  Inasmuch as it is legal in Alaska, anyone has the ability to procure and use synthetic urine to pass the test. Some use another person’s urine sample provided that person does not use any illegal drug substance for a month or more. Many procedures in drug testing can detect fake pee samples, but this does not validate inauthenticity at most times.

Even though Alaska is one of the states in the US with a high number of illegal substance use and abuse rate, fishing industries in Alaska continue to practice the zero tolerance policy on drug use and abuse within their organization, and this should bring a promise of a more productive and drug-free fishing industry in the last frontier of the United States.

Steps to Modify your Blowgun Fishing Dart

Fishing Dart

If you are into fishing, you probably know an alternative in doing regular fishing and that is through the use of a Blowgun. A lot of people who are doing Blowgun fishing find it easy to hit the fish in shallow water compared to using your regular fishing gear. All you need to do is acquiring a Blowgun and a number of modified fishing Darts Beasts and you are good to go.

However, you need to learn a process of converting or modifying the most commonly used darts into the best fishing darts. It is because modified fishing darts is much better in catching and retrieving fish successfully and without fail. Please read more information below.

What are the Materials You Need?

The first thing to do is acquire your own Blowgun. You also need razor darts, small pit rings (size 1), small barrel swivels, and a 3/32” drill bit. You will also need glue, a hammer, and some fishing line. It should be noted that some fisherman is attaching the free end of the fishing line to the Blowgun.

It is also a better idea to use an old or cheap reel in attaching your fishing line. This is to avoid manually removing the fish with your bare hands as accidents might happen. Better be careful as these fish darts might cut your hands while retrieving the fish.

How to Modify Fishing Darts?

Below are the steps or ways of modifying your fishing darts.

Carefully Separate the Dart

The first thing to do is carefully remove the cone that is found at the end of the dart. Do these very slowly as you might destroy the plastic cone. Then, set aside the dart and your focus is on the cone.

Make Drilling Through the Cone

Using the 3/32” drill bit, make a hole in the place where the main shaft was located and attached with the cone. This should be an easy process for you. Again, drill it carefully so as to not damage the cone.

Attached the Barrel Swivel to the Split Ring

You need to bring your patience while doing this procedure as this is the hardest part. Patiently attach the barrel swivel to the split ring. The small size of these two materials makes it very hard to do but with a lot of patience, you can pull it off.

Put all the Materials Together

Put the split ring first on the shaft of the dart followed by the cone. Make sure to leave a space probably an inch or two at the rear end of the shaft.

Flatten out the Rear End of the Shaft

Using a hammer, flatten out the rear end of the shaft slowly as it might again destroy the dart shaft.

Take the Cone to the Rear End and Stick It

Slide the cone to the rear part of the shaft and use a little glue to give it extra strength. By the way, use a glue that can be used with both plastic and metal. Waterproof glue is also ideal in this situation.

Attached your Fishing Line

After drying the glue, carefully attached your fishing line to the empty ring found in the barrel swivel. This is the last part of the procedure and you can now fish your way using the modified fishing dart and your Blowgun.


These are the different steps in modifying a regular dart and converting it into a fishing dart that can be used for fishing using your Blowgun. This will enable you to enjoy fishing using a new strategy of using Blowgun.  

Guide to Creating a Fishing e-Commerce Website

Fishing e-Commerce Website

Fishing sure is a fun and enjoyable hobby. However, if you want to make more money out of that hobby, fishing alone is not enough. With the popularity of businesses going online nowadays, why not decide to create your own fishing e-commerce website and sell fishing equipment instead like this website selling hosting space?

The steps in doing so are pretty simple, but your profits can be quite large. Here’s how:

Choose the Products You Want to Sell

First things first: you need to choose what products you want to sell to your prospects. After all, if you’ve decided on setting up your own online shop, then it could only mean that you already have a product/s you want to sell in mind. You might start at selling fishing rods, fishing tackles, or perhaps a fishing reel.

Regardless, you need to decide on a product and do some research to check whether it’s viable or not. Is it already out on the market? If yes, then you might want to consider if it’s unique enough to compete with the other products of the same type.

Set the Prices

Pricing your products can be one of the most difficult steps when setting up an e-commerce website. Since there are already tons of online fishing shops out there, pricing can get quite competitive. If you price your products too low, you’ll end up breaking even or maybe even bankrupt.

However, if you price them too high, you won’t make enough sales, which will only result in you still losing money on the process. To figure out how you can set the right prices, you should first check your finances. This includes checking the following factors:

  • Shipping fee
  • Taxes
  • Costs for hosting your site
  • Costs for the materials you need to make your product
  • Costs of marketing your product

A good idea is to take a look at your competitors’ prices and choose whether to bump your pricing a bit or lower them so your target market will prefer you over them.

Pick the Right Web Hosting Service

There are two major options in terms of e-commerce: marketing your products in pre-existing platforms such as Amazon or eBay, or creating your own website using the right web hosting service.

If you go for the latter, you can find a number of hosting platforms such as HostGator and GoDaddy. You can also use an e-commerce software such as Magneto or Shopify so you can easily organize your products and set a lot of options before your products go live.

Build Your Website then Start Selling

Once you have picked a hosting provider, you can now proceed to build your website. There are a number of website builders you can use (some web hosting providers even have their own site builders included in the package).

After your site is completed, you can then add your products and start selling. Once your website is live, you’ll have to monitor it regularly to make sure it’s always up and running. You should also work out on other features such as your About page, Contact page, blog, and more.

Survey Says Posting Pictures With A Fish Will Bring You More Success On Tinder

Pictures With A Fish

According to a survey done by a fishing company, 22% of men between the ages of 18-25 in Florida use a photo of themselves posing with fish in Tinder. This number is low in areas like New York with 5% and London with 1% of male Tinder users posing alongside their catch.

According to Evolutionary psychologist, David Buss, most men posting fish photos are trying to make it clear to snapchat girls that they have the ability to search and provide resources.

It is a trend that men are now posting pictures of themselves alongside freshly caught fish in order to be successful on dating sites. When you go through the profiles of men in Tinder, you will not be surprised to find a couple of fish pictures. Apparently, most women do not have a problem with this trend. In fact, 46% out of 1,000 who were surveyed said that they found pictures of men holding fish attractive. The other 54% said that they were attracted to pictures of men without their catches.

This idea is gotten from the New Yorker article called, “I am a Tinder Guy Holding a Fish and I Will Provide You.” What the author basically meant was that he is able to sustain his partner with fish so that she will never go hungry. On the other hand, others are just posting pictures of their catches because fishing is their hobby and lifestyle. Many men admit that making their hobby known makes it easier to find a partner that enjoys the same hobby.

However, it is important to note that the kind of fish you pose with can really make the difference. For instance, the Great Northern Tilefish is most preferred compared to other nine types of fish. FishBrain, a social media network for anglers, conducted a survey where they asked women in their late teens and early twenties to choose their most favorite fish from among the pictures of 10 men that had posed with their catches.

The findings were that almost a quarter of the women (21%) picked the Great Northern Tilefish. Sailfish came second with 18% of the women voting for it while African Pompano came third with 16% votes. Apparently, attractive fishes make the men holding them look good too.

The least attractive fish according to the respondents was humble Juvenile Common Carp which gathered 1% of the votes. When FishBrain did their research further, they came to the conclusion that size matters. This is because the Juvenile Common Carp is a freshwater fish that is about 4-6 inches long. Therefore, for guys looking to post their pictures alongside fishes, they should take this factor into consideration.

Tinder is an online dating site that has attracted many men and women all over the world. If you are a man and you are interested in online dating through social media, it is about time to consider getting yourself a picture with an attractive fish. This way, you can be guaranteed to get a much bigger catch for a romantic date.

Must-Have Clothes and Accessories for Fishing During Summer

summer Fishing

Fishing is an exciting recreation. Though, your experience may get derail if you elect to have the wrong apparel. Bear in mind that it’s vital for you to put on clothes that can keep you from the negative effects of extreme sun exposure and, at the same time, will make you feel comfortable. Along with that, recommends to invest into other things as well such as accessories to give you extra protection.


A t-shirt that is very lightweight and has a light color is what you should wear during fishing. Also, look for a shirt that is made of breathable material. There’s nothing to worry about as this fishing shirt with these qualities is easy to find.  There are t-shirts also with mesh lining and a flap at the back that comes with short-sleeve button downs. This will make you more comfortable due to its loose flap which allows air to pass through during a scorching hot day.

Shorts and Pants

Similar to the shirts, it’s also essential for you to choose for lightweight shorts or pants. Go for cargo shorts if you want to have more comfort. Nevertheless, going for cargo pants is an excellent choice also. Cargo shorts or pants have additional pockets that you can utilize as storage space for your fishing stuff like pliers and extra tackle. There are other options also that you can wear such as jeans. But, it can’t wick away the sweat compared to lighter fabric.


A feathery sandal that is made out of flexible and durable material will maintain the coolness you need for your feet and the stability when you’re battling for a big catch. If you opt to wear shoes, ensure that they are waterproof water shoes and can remove water instantly. Some of these water shoes have discharge tubes that are very useful to drain water from inside. So, these water shoes are the perfect choice since they offer coziness also to your feet.


Many anglers dislike wearing gloves because it can hinder their grip while reeling and casting. However, gloves are absolutely important especially if you want to fish in the summer season. These will provide ultimate protection to your hands from the UV rays of the sun.


Apart from getting the right clothing, it is also essential for you to safeguard your skin by applying sunscreen. Select a high-quality and sweat-proof one which can sustain even when it’s very hot and humid.  

Moreover, search for a sunscreen that does not contain any greasy residue as it may have a contrary effect to your control. The perfect sunscreen has an oil-free, waterproof, and hypoallergenic formula.


These are the must-have clothes and accessories to wear and bring when fishing during summer. It’s not all about getting you comfortable, but it’s also about giving you the maximum protection from the sun. This is because the danger of exposing yourself too much under the heat of the sun may lead you to have skin diseases. Having the knowledge of what are the right gear and clothes to wear when you go fishing can deliver an enjoyable and worry-free experience.

How Fishermen Can Benefit from Marijuana

Fishermen Marijuana

Most fishermen say that it’s better to go fishing at night when the moon is the only light in the ocean as the sea creatures are not very active, and there’s more to catch during this time. However, in some cases, some fishermen don’t have a very clear vision. That’s why it’s hard for them to catch a fish at night.

A couple of years ago, a Jamaican pharmacologist named Manley Elisha West discovered the medicinal benefits of marijuana in the form of CBD oil to the eyesight after noticing some local fishermen who go fishing at night after smoking marijuana and claimed that they have this ability to see clearly in the dark. There are also claims from other members and mountain dwellers that after taking marijuana, their night vision was enhanced.

Facts About Marijuana

Cannabis or Marijuana, also called weed, Mary Jane, ganja, and other slang terms, is the mixture of the flowers of the cannabis sativa plant. Some smoke them like cigarettes or use pipes or cigarette wraps, while some boil them and drink like tea or mix them into foods like brownies or candies. Some experts say that it is medicinal, but in other countries, it's a prohibited drug due to the negative side effects it does to a user after such time.

What Are The Components Of Marijuana?

The cannabis plant has some components, and CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the many compounds known as cannabinoids. CBD oils contain concentrations of CBD, which researchers believe may have some health benefits. It also helps treat diseases, including glaucoma, a disease of the eye that causes damage to the optic nerve which may lead to blindness. While the chemical compound that causes intoxicating effects to people is delta 9-THC.

Mr. West said that cannabis might enhance vision by getting into the muscles of the eye to dilate the pupils, but some researches show that it actually constricts the pupils.

In another study, researchers conducted an experiment by using the tadpoles of the African clawed toad, Xenopus laevis, which are transparent. These animals were used because they are suited to all types of experiments. They conducted two separate experiments where the first group was treated with synthetic cannabinoid while the other group was not. Naturally, tadpoles avoid dark moving dots, so they put them in a Petri dish and track their movements via a video tracking software while showing them the dots under different lighting conditions. They didn't notice any difference between the tadpoles treated with synthetic cannabinoids and the untreated ones in normal lighting. However, they observed that the tadpoles treated with cannabinoid avoided more dots in the dark than the untreated ones.

These findings are very helpful in looking for ways to treat eye diseases like glaucoma, although they're not yet sure if cannabidiol will be effective to humans. On the other hand, these experiments will also determine the probability of vision enhancement through the use of marijuana, which would really aid fishermen as well as hunters in their night activities.

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