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to our website and online fishing tackle shop which has been designed to make your online shopping experience as simple, safe and pleasurable as possible.

In 2002 we here at Leslies of Luton celebrated 30 years of bringing you the best quality and value in discount fishing tackle through our shop, mail order and online shops. We opened the doors to our shop in 1972 and have seen many changes in the needs of anglers and in the popularity of different fishing styles. In this time we have seen and been part of, the rise of carp and specialist fishing to the point where many of you fish exclusively for carp, barbel and other specimen fish now.

Perfect fishing conditions!As your needs have changed we have made sure that we have had the right angling experts in the shop to help you with your fishing tackle choices and to ensure that we have the right fishing tackle for the job in the shop. This has meant that we now carry perhaps the largest stock of carp fishing tackle in the world, as well as a large range of barbel, pike and predator tackle.
We hope to continue to grow with you and the sport of fishing and would like to thank all of our customers for your support over the last 30 years and look forward to offering you the best service possible for the years to come. Here at Leslies of Luton we pride ourselves in being fishing tackle specialists, we have quality tackle for all your angling needs and with the discount we offer on many items we believe we offer you the best value.
Leslies Fishing Tackle Catalogue
Specializing in carp, barbel, pike, coarse, match and game tackle, we have one of the largest carp fishing tackle stocks in the world and were also the first specialist tackle shop to have a dedicated barbel fishing tackle department. Our carp fishing tackle department is on two floors, the ground floor covers general carp fishing tackle, such as rods, reels, boilies, rigs, hooks and fishing line, while on the first floor you can find our carp luggage and bivvies.Sharing the ground floor with our carp department you will find our pike, predator, match and coarse departments.

Check out our 2005 catalogue and online shop.
Full of discount fishing tackle from the big names in angling such as Shimano,
Daiwa, Fox, Trakker, Chub, Century Carp Rods, Harrison Rods, Solar Tackle,
Gardner Tackle, Wychwood, MCF, Richworth, Nutrabaits, Korda, Kryston,
John Baker, Angling Technics Bait Boats including the superb Microcat, Drennan, ESP, the hard to find Steve Neville Alarms, and our very own Insight GR60.

From a Boilie Stop to a Bait Boat, we export the best tackle all over the world!
If you fish you should come to Leslies!

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Leslies of Luton
Where Quality of Service Counts!


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