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Pike and predator fishing tackleIan Crawley runs our well stocked pike and predator department. A keen and long standing angler Ian has been fishing for all types of fish for over 45 years and his range of angling knowledge is perhaps the largest of all our staff.

Ian regularly travels overseas in pursuit of the largest game and predator fish.

Our range of tackle for pike and predator fishing includes tackle for Pike, Catfish, Perch, Chub, Zander and other large predators. We also supply videos and books to help you with your pursuit of pike, catfish and other predatory fish.

We stock specialist pike and predator fishing tackle from Fox, Total Fishing Gear, Shimano, Daiwa, St Croix, Owner, Partridge, Plano, Drennan, Gordon Griffiths, Blue Fox Baitbox and The Catfish Conservation Group.


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